Gold, Gems and Artifacts Prospecting 

Authored by Harve Kollman, a colorful and exciting old prospector, Gold, Gems and Artifacts Prospecting, has long been out of print. Harve traveled extensively in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. He worked on this little field guide at least two years and published a limited number of copies in 1986.

Now, Gold, Gems and Artifacts Prospecting is again available, the new edition edited, with a new introduction on South Carolina’s geology and geography by Bob Edmonds.

Harve Kollman shares his lively and extensive experiences in Gold, Gems and Artifacts Prospecting, concentrating on five Southern states – South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. Kollman’s expedient little field guide offers essential and easy-to-use information including mining techniques, the best tools for the job, safety precautions, identifying commonly encountered minerals and gems, along with entertaining stories.

Whether you are digging for the first time or you are an experienced prospector or rock hound, you, too, can strike it rich – or at the very least have fun trying! Gold panning, treasure hunting and rock hounding are ever-increasingly popular modes of recreation for fun and profit for young and old. Enthusiasts unceasingly enjoy the reward of invigorating adventure-filled outings and escapades in the wide open that stir and awaken the dormant pioneer blood that is inherent in most of us.

Harve was fond of McCormick County. He wrote in his book, "Clark Hill Lake is as good as any place to start. Gold is all around, more gold, I think, than black bass. ... For a little town (McCormick) does have a few extra things going for it. ... It’s got the reputation for having a good heart."

Bob Edmonds said, "I relish the friendship shared with Harve Kollman during his stay in McCormick County. The delightful, old-time prospector and I enjoyed many an hour discussing gold mining, prospecting, gems, artifacts, and history. I believe Harve told me he was born and raised in Connecticut." Harve had run a resort in northern Wisconsin and at the time he wrote Gold, Gems and Artifacts Prospecting, he was running a fishing camp in Florida. Harve died at his Florida home on August 7, 1993 at age eighty-eight.

Edmonds writes in the new fourteen-page introduction, "In summary, the geographic environment was created out of an ancient geological and climatic history. Entering the twenty-first century, development is largely dependent upon modern human influences. These human alterations of natural landscape have created economic growth. Dramatic transformation over the last several decades has ended pervasive poverty and out-migration.

"Nevertheless, progress has also brought environmental and ecological challenges. Some of the challenges include the need to protect groundwater, clean up stream and lake pollution, protect and replace the topsoil lost through natural erosion, construction and poor farming practices, find wiser means of disposing of toxic wastes, counter the loss of the habitat for birds, animals and plants, replace beach sands lost through damming of rivers, and to plan and limit urbanization and development. 

Gold, Gems, and Artifacts Prospecting - $10.95

Softcover, 194 pages, 5"x7", illustrations, ISBN 978-0-9749976-7-4