Body of Work 

McCormick the Place

Bob Edmonds, long-time writer and author of local history, has released McCormick the Place, 502 pages (now in softcover). Using a wealth of archival resources, the author details in down-to-earth terms the everyday life of people living in a small South Carolina county now called McCormick -- from antebellum through the Post World War II era.  more info

The Making of McCormick County 

In his first book, The Making of McCormick County, Bob Edmonds chronicles the fascinating history of people living on a small slice of land in the Deep South called McCormick County, South Carolina. Using a wealth of archival sources, the author traces the evolution. He details in very human terms a historic period – times that were marked by economic, civil, social, and political blithe, progress, and upheaval.   more info

McCormick County Land of Cotton 

McCormick County Land of Cotton explores the South Carolina county’s history, beginning with Hernando De Soto’s brief visit in 1540, then from the mid- eighteenth century when axe-wielding pioneers arrived to discover an unspoiled, enchanting, wilderness paradise - exploring pivotal events right on up to the present.   more info

Destiny of the Scots-Irish: A Family Saga 

Amid the unfolding events in American history, perhaps no race can offer the same nostalgic appeal as the Scots-Irish. These God-fearing, family-oriented, hard- working, nomadic people, who originated in the lowlands of Scotland and moved to the north of Ireland, arrived on the American shores in great numbers prior to the American Revolutionary War.   more info

The Huguenots of the New Bordeaux

The French Huguenots left their Mother Country to achieve religious freedom. The New Bordeaux settlement, led by the Rev. Jean Louis Gibert, was founded on Little River in present-day McCormick County in 1764.  more info

Les Huguenots de la Nouvelle Bordeaux

Bob Edmonds announces the release of Les Huguenots de la Nouvelle Bordeaux, a French edition of his book, The Huguenots of New Bordeaux, published in 2005. The new edition was translated into French by Catherine Melchio, a French native who worked in New York City and New Jersey eight years during the 1980s. The French edition is a partnering venture between Edmonds and the American-French Association of Descendants of the Huguenots, La Rochelle, France. Members of the association visited the New Bordeaux area.  more info

The British Partizan: A Revolutionary War Tale 

Mary Elizabeth Moragné won wide recognition for The British Partizan, a short novel of romance and high adventure. The story is set during the Revolutionary War in the hill country of western South Carolina where there raged a brutal civil war that pitted brother against brother and neighbor opposed to neighbor. The work, originally published in 1838, received high acclaim from literary journals and critics, the Knickerbocker declaring it approached the style and genius of Sir Walter Scott.    more info

The Neglected Thread: A Journal from the Calhoun Community

The Neglected Thread: An Antebellum Journal from the Calhoun Community was originally edited by Delle Mullen Craven and published by USC in 1951. Historians and genealogists discovered The Neglected Thread as a resource, as did general readers. The celebrated book has been out of print for a generation. The new edition will be welcome because it continues to make this classic available to a readership that has a growing awareness of its value. Mary Moragné's journal is one of those rare books that should never go out of print.  more info

George McDuffie: Southern Orator

George McDuffie, Southern Orator is a successful attempt to understand and depict the political and social sinews holding together the young and struggling American nation during the first half of the nineteenth century.  more info

Gold, Gems and Artifacts Prospecting

Authored by Harve Kollman, a colorful and exciting old prospector, Gold, Gems and Artifacts Prospecting, has long been out of print. Harve traveled extensively in the United States, Mexico, and Canada. He worked on this little field guide at least two years and published a limited number of copies in 1986.   more info

Kanah: The Life of J. E. James

Kanah: the Life of J. E. James provides a revealing look at the life of a poor family living on the edge of civilization and a window into the goings-on of the day. It affords the modern reader a new insight into the strength of character and determination it took to survive the unbelievable hardship of life in the South during the Civil War and Reconstruction.   more info

Growing Up Southern: A Memoir

Local author Bob Edmonds, recipient of the Order of the Palmetto, South Carolina’s highest civilian award, for publishing local history has released his twelfth and latest book, Growing Up Southern: A Memoir after three years in the making. His latest book is a recollection of what it was like to grow up in the grueling times during and just after The Great Depression. This Generation has been described as the era “that endured so much, won so much, preserved so much, built so much, gave so much and yet asked for so little.”   more info